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Lead Abatement

ALLIED Wrecking provides a highly-experienced and professional alternative to asbestos abatement. With a full staff, ALLIED Wrecking is able to tackle numerous projects at once, both large and small. From survey to abatement.

ALLIED Wrecking can help building owners, managers and maintenance personnel identify hazards and ensure building components are properly maintained or remediated.

The lead and asbestos abatement services ALLIED Wrecking provides is done through our sister company, ALLIED Wrecking Industrial Services while inspections and sampling is through ALLIED Wrecking Environmental.

Interior Demoltion

ALLIED Wrecking is a leader in selective demolition services. Renovation projects involving the removal of interior walls and finishes often encounter asbestos and lead containing materials. ALLIED Wrecking is positioned to handle both abatement and demolition in a turnkey manner that can minimize both the project timeline as well as overall cost.

ALLIED Wrecking has performed selective demolition in vacant and occupied properties including medical, commercial and industrial facilities. ALLIED Wrecking’s expertise in abatement procedures is an advantage in dust control and attention to detail. Contact ALLIED Wrecking today to discuss your interior or exterior demolition project.

Junk Removal

We have experience working with a wide array of small businesses, banks & corporations. Whether it’s a business foreclosure or a basic cleanup, it’s the the commercial junk removal experience you require.


We understand that sometimes 9-5 doesn’t always work, which is why we provide services before and after business hours and on weekends.


All proper certificates of insurance, bonds, W9’s, and Federal EIN and another tax and insurance forms can be provided upon request.


Competitive pricing and experience with large scale jobs, company clean outs and moves means we can provide you with the most accurate quotes. There are no surprises or extra charges. We also offer special discounts for multi-use and repeat customers.

Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

You ALLIED Wrecking Division provides and extensive array of concrete cutting and core drilling services for project types ranging from commercial buildings to industrial shut-downs and more. We also perform highway dam, and bridge cutting. You can count on us either as your on-call service provider or as a significant component and partner in your competitive bid.

ALLIED Wrecking has the right equipment, experience, and personnel to tackle any project – large or small. In some cases, it is not always the concrete cutting that is the challenge as much as the logistics, means, methods, trucking, and disposal. Because of our dedication to excellence, we guarantee a commitment to meet your budget demands and your project’s deadline. We can assist your organization with planning and problem solving – from estimating the overall saw-cutting scope to providing turnkey solutions including removal and disposal services. ALLIED Wrecking will determine the most efficient and cost-effective methods to help make your project a success.

Let us handle the hard stuff. For additional information about concrete saw-cutting and core drilling services, please call 813.957.2150